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Accelerate change for a promising future with AI-ML

Build intelligent enterprises, deliver measurable customer experience, and adhere to risk and compliance by implementing successful AI-ML engagements with an IT expert you can trust. Our home-grown capabilities backed by curated partnerships with leading academic universities and vendors give our clients an edge to stay ahead of the digital curve

AI On Cloud

The most compelling advantages of AI-Driven initiatives on providing insights, decision-making backed by the Cloud capabilities like agility, flexibility, and scalability dramatically increase enterprise value scope and sphere in a larger marketplace.
At AmbaSystems, we help customers build AI models in all Cloud Native platforms like AWS, AZURE, and GCP. Our AI on Cloud proposition helps our customers seamlessly scale AI implementations across all the leading cloud providers. With our AI on Cloud solution, our clients:

  • Operationalize data leveraging integrations and cloud data migration frameworks
  • Get pre-built, customizable components as-a-service designed to plug into existing technology
  • Get end-to-end industry and functional solutions to scale up quickly and automate data science

Computer Vision

Today, computer vision has changed how anyone can imagine accuracy beyond the visual spectrum of the human eye. The ability to recognize objects, assess situations, identify gaps, and advise the next steps has enabled enterprises to adapt computer visions in real-life applications. The capabilities of computer vision have allowed numerous applications spanning across sectors and industries. The usage of computer vision applications in our daily lives is making the benefits of its implementation more apparent.
At Ambasystems, we have experienced developer they can build you computer vision solution, which can perform analytics like object detection, combining object identification, classification, and video analytics.