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Amba Systems provide Software development services that are aimed at designing, engineering, supporting, and evolving various software types. Serving mid & large enterprises companies since 2006. we envision, plan, design, develop, integrate, deploy, and support software solutions for our clients onsite or Offshore Model.

Custom software development:

Our software experts can help you achieve operational excellence and deliver software solutions on time and without errors. We help you develop high-end, technology-driven, and result-oriented solutions that give you a competitive edge. In contrast to commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS), custom software is tailored to meet specific requirements.

Examples of custom software

  • Mobile Application Development.
  • Ecommerce Software Development.
  • SaaS Development.
  • Custom Product Develop

Software product development:

Software Product development is the process of creating a new product with some added value and features. It can be anything from developing an entire new product, or upgrading an existing product, or improving the process, technique, or development methodology of the system. With new developed software products, we can bring change to the current market and give users a better customer experience. To put it another way, with newly developed software products, we can help with the product selection, release, maintenance and support. New product innovations will benefit customers as development and innovation pave the way. Developing software products is methodical and systematic, aiming to represent a certain purpose, technique, or objective. Software Product development includes several software development phases or procedures, ultimately resulting in the development of Software Products. Here the Software Developers use third party software tools and techniques to meet the demand of certain product needs.

Development team augmentation:

We can provide any resources to fill in specific skill gaps in any technology development or provide a self-managed team for your project or part of it. This is an ideal arrangement which is suitable for specific projects. In a way it helps to reduce the cost factor too. It helps the busineess to maintain control and give a clear visibility of adding skills and knowledge when needed.

Maintenance and support of existing software

We can provide 24/7 maintenance and support of existing software.