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The introduction of cloud computing has fundamentally changed the way companies develop software. With the advent of container-based environments, enterprises are leveraging cloud-native technologies to build and run applications on the cloud. These technologies are also being used to rapidly deploy microservices and ensure continuous innovation and delivery through DevOps. Virtusa helps enterprises make sense of cloud native technologies to stay competitive in the market.

Cloud native solutions

With our cloud-native expertise, Amba Systems delivers cloud-native architectures to help build and support applications that leverage the complete capabilities of the cloud and make businesses truly digital.

Cloud Operate

Ensure top performance and secure operations at optimized costs with our global delivery capabilities and end-to-end managed cloud services. Amba Systems runs your cloud better. We are the next-gen Managed Services Provider (MSP) to help organizations design, migrate, run, manage, and optimize app, infrastructure, and data on the cloud. We provide end-to-end managed cloud services, cloud operations design, tried-and-tested target operating models, and best-of-breed tools for security and cost optimization.


Hypercare is included with all cloud migration and implementation services. Amba System delivers post-migration and post-deployment 24/7 SLA-driven support. Our approach starts days prior to go-live and typically runs 30 days after go-live for seamless transition (can be extended per organization needs). Our cloud transformation experts will help achieve a seamless transition through established best practices and automation platforms.

24/7 Cloud Operate

Amba Systems offers an integrated approach to support single, multiple, or hybrid cloud environments. Our world-class managed services improve availability of business-critical resources, minimize disruptions to the business, and reduce cost of delivering quality cloud services. Our services manage various aspects of applications running on the cloud, including platform management, console management, security, and more.

Cloud Data & Analytics

Modernize data platforms by migrating to cloud and build cloud native EDW, data lakes, and analytical platforms to deliver actionable insights.
Cloud native data and analytics enable new capabilities, improve performance, and increase scale at a reduced cost. We help in building EDW, data lakes, and analytical platforms using cloud native data and analytical services offered by AWS, GCP, Azure and Snowflake. We help build data ingestion, reliable data pipelines, data warehouses, data lakes, and advanced analytics on all leading cloud platforms leveraging the cloud native data and analytics services offered by CSPs. Also, we have pretrained AI models (BFS and Healthcare) in the marketplace.

Data Warehouse

We simplify your ability to gain new insights from petabytes of data by building a scalable, and cost-effective cloud data warehouse to deliver actionable insights quicker.
Our data warehouse design and implementation capabilities span across

  • Amazon Redshift
  • Google BigQuery
  • Azure Synapse Analytics

Simplify management of multiple data types from a wide variety of sources and easily build and run large scale data transformation programs on the cloud.

Our expertise include –

  • Amazon EMR, AWS Lake Formation
  • Cloud Dataproc (fully-managed Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop service)
  • Azure Databricks/Data Lake Store


Integrate AI and ML at the core of the enterprise to empower the businesses with better decision making and improved processes and identify new opportunities for success across business functions.

Our expertise include –

  • Amazon SageMaker
  • AutoML, BigQuery ML, Cloud AI
  • Azure Machine Learning

Cloud Data Engineering

Maximizing cloud data investments represent a moment of truth for enterprises in their digital transformation journeys. But it can be tricky, considering challenges like lack of skilled resources, uncontrollable spending on platforms, and poor security protocols. Moreover, without a future-proofed automation strategy, you may end up fixing low-priority problems – leaving the larger ones to evolve into bigger challenges

Ambasystems unlocks the true value of your cloud investments and incubates a culture of operational excellence. Our Cloud Data Engineering team brings thought leadership and specialized skills to significantly increase your platform’s security, scalability, speed, and observability. Backed by cloud-specific partnerships and CoEs across the world, we help implement and support robust cloud platforms while offering best-fit recommendations

Business Benefits

Drive elasticity and scalability

Effortlessly make your cloud more elastic and scalable without any capacity planning worries.

Do more with data and analytics

Adopt a robust data and analytics platform architecture to extract and use valuable insights.

Tighten security on the cloud

Enhance data platform security and observability by establishing tight security protocols.

Reduce overall cloud spend

Optimize cloud ROI -from implementation to support – without compromising on data management.

Application Platform Engineering

Today’s shift towards digitization demands that businesses have a contemporary approach to building applications. Enterprises need to bring together a variety of languages, old and new, along with costly inflexible legacy systems, as well as emerging digital technologies and build applications that deliver a competitive advantage.
Ambasystems offers a one-stop shop that offers expertise for all technologies and languages that are paramount to building next-gen applications. From age-old assembler to latest languages, everything from mainframes to serverless computing, Ambasystems brings technology expertise to rapidly build and deliver the enterprise applications of tomorrow.
Expand on how and what you do – how are you a one-stop shop. What are the benefits of that, and your experience, etc. What problems do your clients have and how do you solve/help them?

Service Capabilities

Application Engineering

Modernize custom applications, mobile applications and build API ecosystems that help accelerate adoption of microservices.

Solution Engineering

Leverage our accelerators & pre-built frameworks with reusable components, patterns and solutions to drastically reduce the time to code.

Platform engineering

Rapidly bring together various functionality and deliver new solutions with our pre-engineered platforms with a library of reusable code.